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Ao Haru Ride
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    アオハライド ; 青春之旅 ; 아오하라이드 ; Aoharaido ; Blue Spring Ride ; Passeio da Primavera Azul ; Seishun Raido ; บันทึกใสจากวัยฝัน (Thai) ; Con Đường Mùa Xuân (Vietnamese) ; Youth Ride ; امتطاء عنفوان الفتوة ; Неудержимая юность (Russian) ; Ścieżki młodości (Polish)

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    Sakisaka Io

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    Action - Comedy - Cooking - Drama - Romance - School life - Shoujo - Slice of life

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Futaba Yoshioka needs to "reset" her lifestyle. In junior-high, Futaba was ostracized by women because too many junior-high boys enjoyed her. Kou Tanaka, the single lad Futaba enjoyed, moved away before she could tell him how she felt. Now in highschool, Futaba is decided to participate in the rest of the girls. Therefore her new pals will not become envious of her she behaves not ladylike. While living her new life contentedly, she and Kou meet again, however he now utilizes the title Kou Mabuchi and h-AS a cool approach. He tells her that he enjoyed her too in junior-high, but feels differently now.Futaba YoshiokaSince middle-school, Futaba has consistently considered that boys were violent and too tough. Kou Tanaka was the sole exclusion, and Futaba wished to understand him better. Both share short memories--including a strategy to attend the summertime festival. After unintentionally telling the buddy of Kou, Naitou, that she despises all lads within the hearing closeness of Kou, she concerns about his view of her-but convinces herself that he understands he's an exclusion. The summer festival arrives, and Kou does not show up. Returning from your summer holiday, Futaba discovers that Kou used in still another college without explanation. Futaba understands how much she enjoyed repents and Kou not telling him how she felt.In highschool, the character of Futaba is radically different. Cunning or no longer female, she makes herself as unattractive as you can. As the women were jealous of her popularity with lads Futaba was an outcast in middle-school. Decided to get friends in highschool, she loses her, girly self that is authentic on her school mates' blessing. Although Futaba is strong willed, obstinate, and enthusiastic, she prefers to be accepted for who she is, for who she is not than ostracized. Futaba ultimately falls in-love with Kou again. Nevertheless, she always stresses that he's no emotions on her and considers she is just seen by him as a previous puppy love. After being declined and admitting, she determines to go forward. She dated Toma after being declined. By chapter 4 5, she determines to make up with Kou and they begin dating after.

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