Kanchigai No Atelier Meister Manga

Kanchigai No Atelier Meister
  • 4.3
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    Kanchigai no Atelier Meister ; Kanchigai no Atelier master ; Kanchigai Atelier Meister ; Kanchigai no Atelier Meister: Eiyuu Party no Moto Zatsuyougakari ga, Jitsu wa Sentou Igai ga SSS Rank Datta to Iu Yoku Aru Hanashi ; 勘違いの工房主; アトリエマイスター

  • Author(s)

    Yousuke Tokino Hurukawa Naharu

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  • Genre(s)

    Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Harem

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Kuruto gets kicked out of the hero's party for being too useless. However he discovers that in everything else, like cooking, building, magic tool crafting, etc., he's SSS rank.

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