Why She Lives As A Villainess Manga

Why She Lives As A Villainess
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    Her Reason To Live as a Villainess / 그녀가 악녀로 사는 이유

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    Fantasy - Romance

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I possessed the female lead, who is also the villainess in a novel. That was before she turned back time. I already know the original story, so there should be no need for me to live through a second life like she did. Let’s find a way to survive and destroy the original story.
My own way, of course.
“Are you going to eat in such an inappropriate way?”
At the Marquis’ words, Lesian responded carelessly.
“The ancestors used to say that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. You say it’s impolite for me to eat in my pajamas, but it doesn’t seem like the Marquis treats his daughter politely either?”
At those words, the Marquis shouted angrily.
“You must have finally gone crazy!”
“Yes, I am crazy.”
I’ve possessed the villainess’ body so it’s not a big deal if I say I’m crazy.
그녀가 악녀로 사는 이유

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